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This is a awesome tool to take your website screenshots using command line. you can do this with the help of some useful commands. plese go and use this awesome tool for your websites.

Makes web screenshots and mobile emulations from the command line.

Tool based on puppeteer.


npm i -g screenshoteer

You can use screenshoteer with easy and efficient way like this:

screenshoteer  --url

or .html localy copy the url path from the browser

screenshoteer --url file:///Users/../index.html
screenshoteer --url file:///C:/Users/../Random-HTML-file.html

And with the help of puppeteer(Headless Chrome) it will generate screenshot of the entire web page.

Parameters: -h help --url web page url --emulate - emulate web device example: --emulate "iPhone 6" --fullpage - can be true or false. It will take screenshot of entire web page if is true. True is the default parameter. --pdf - generate additional pdf --w - width of the Web Page in px --h - height of the Web Page in px --waitfor - wait time for the page load in milliseconds --waitforselector - wait for the selector to appear in page --el - css selector document.querySelector --auth - basic http authentication --no - exclude "image", "stylesheet", "script", "font" --click - example: ".selector>a" excellent way to close popups or to click some buttons on the page. --file - output file name (optional, otherwise based on page title and timestamp) --theme - switch to dark or light color theme --vd - Emulate vision deficiency 'achromatopsia', 'deuteranopia', 'protanopia', 'tritanopia', 'blurredVision', and 'none'


```shell screenshoteer --url --fullpage false screenshoteer --url --emulate "iPhone 7" screenshoteer --url --emulate "Nexus 4" screenshoteer --url --w 600 --h 800 --fullpage false screenshoteer --url --w 600 --h 0 --fullpage false screenshoteer --url --pdf screenshoteer --url --w 500 screenshoteer --url --el ".fatitem" screenshoteer --url --auth "username;password" screenshoteer --url --no "image" screenshoteer --url --no "script" screenshoteer --url --click ".ribbon__close-button" screenshoteer --url file:///Users/../index.html screenshoteer --url --file /tmp/slashdot.png screenshoteer --url --theme dark screenshoteer --url --vd blurredVision ```

List of of supported mobile devices:


This project is licensed under the MIT License