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📈 Simple live Stat for Dayz Standalone server.

Inspired by the Excelent Omega manager.

The OmegaManager is a local application to run your DayZ servers. It automatically deploys, runs, watches, restarts and updates your server.

This page will show your DayZ server live stat. It's working with directly on editing config.php file and if you have crontab and sql you can have some graph.

example live page


#1 Download Archive

or Use the lastest version with git

    git clone https://git.echosystem.fr/Erreur32/DayZ-Stat-Server.git 

#2 Configuration Required

  • Set the config.php file in config directory and fill your ip , port , query and omega server port mod.

edit config/config.php

     $ipserv   = ""; // IP server game
     $portserv = "2302" ;   // Game Server Port
     $modport  = "2312" ;   // Mod port omega (+10)
     $queryport= "27016";   // Queryport
  • Omega manager (to check list mod only, but higly suggered !)

#3 Create SQL dayzstat database and insert SQL/table.sql .

  • mysql database (to store status server for graph) Create dayzstat database first + user privilege. Checkout Schema database in SQL/table.sql

edit config/consql.php

         -- Adminer 4.7.8 MySQL dump
         SET NAMES utf8;
         SET foreign_key_checks = 0;
         SET sql_mode = 'NO_AUTO_VALUE_ON_ZERO';
         SET NAMES utf8mb4;
         CREATE TABLE `StatServer_5` (
           `id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT,
           `date` datetime DEFAULT NULL ON UPDATE current_timestamp(),
           `name` varchar(74) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'Offline',
           `players` varchar(32) NOT NULL DEFAULT '0',
           `maxplayers` varchar(4) DEFAULT NULL,
           `map` varchar(19) DEFAULT NULL,
           `game` varchar(4) DEFAULT NULL,
           `version` varchar(15) DEFAULT NULL,
           `timeserver` varchar(12) DEFAULT NULL,
           `timespeed` varchar(5) DEFAULT NULL,
           `timespeedn` varchar(5) DEFAULT NULL,
           `mod` varchar(5) DEFAULT NULL,
           `battleye` tinytext DEFAULT NULL,
           `hive` varchar(11) DEFAULT NULL,
           `connect` varchar(32) DEFAULT NULL,
           `secure` tinytext DEFAULT NULL,
           `ping` varchar(3) DEFAULT '0',
           PRIMARY KEY (`id`),
           KEY `timeserver` (`timeserver`),
           KEY `date` (`date`)
         ) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8;
         -- 2021-02-05 10:22:08
  • 2 Differents way for your crontab with Shell or php (recommended).

#4 Crontab to fill Database.

For Shell (SQL insert + json)

       */5 * * * *       /usr/sbin/sh /pathto/config/statserver_json.sh   &>/dev/null

OR (recommended)

For php (SQL insert)

      */5 * * * *       /usr/local/bin/php -f /yourpath.../config/dayz2json_parser_sql.php  &>/dev/null

tips change &>/dev/null to 2>&1 to know what is going on, maybe spam your mail log.

Check your time zone here. https://www.php.net/manual/en/timezones.others.php and adapt in dayz2json_parser_sql.php.

Et Voilà !



 - Need to finish SQL part for stat USER NAME ;)

 - Admin section with usefull info from your log server.

Library used:

PHP-Source-Query - PHP library to query servers that implement Steam query protocol (also known as Source Engine Query protocol)

Morris - PHP library to generate graph.


example live page


Author : Erreur32


Website: dayz.echosystem.fr